Papa’s Wingeria

To score big in Papa’s Wingeria, you make a large group of customers every day at the fast food center, they provide delicious wings, which they mature in the way they want.

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You will have to prepare, collect and serve the food as perfect as possible to get an impressive score in this game. Satisfied customers will give you tips that you can use to buy more improvements and decorations for the restaurant.

Stations You Will Be Working at

You will have to work in four different stations to prepare the order, order the station, the roasting station, the salsa station and the construction station. When you are at the command station, your job, of course, will eliminate customer orders. When you want to place an order, a ticket will be generated.

Then you work in the backyard. Here you brush your wings. But before that, you will have to decide how many wings you want to prepare. Take as many wings as you immerse in boiling fat. Wait until the kitchen indicator reaches the white line; This will indicate that your wings are ready.

>> Click Here To Play Papa’s Wingeria <<

Now he leads to the salsa station. Here you add sauce to the wings and shake them so they are covered with sauce. Your customer will tell you how much sauce you want and how long you shake your wings. You must work in accordance with your specifications.

Finally, you will be taken to the construction site. Here you will have to collect the order according to the specifications mentioned in the tickets. The work is simple, but it may be a bit difficult if there are too many guests in the restaurant.

Some Tips

While playing Papa blades, it makes sense to take precautions. Lift and continue. This will benefit you when new customers arrive in restaurants. More wings can still be rejected and not punished.

To get a good score in this game, you must practice multitasking. You will need to take multiple orders together and work at the same time.

Use the money earned in the game to buy boosters like watches and alarms. This would allow the restaurant to flourish more.