Papa’s Taco Mia

Hello and welcome to the world of tacos. Papa’s Taco Mia is the virtual equivalent of Taco Bell. Here you can make fillers for tacos, fill them with different types of fillings and sauces and sell them to your customers. If you have something for Mexican food then you will definitely love this amazing cooking game.

>> Click Here To Play Papa’s Taco Mia <<

You can choose between avatars, Mitch and Maggie. Let’s say we picked Maggie and she’s competing in a tacos competition. She wins Daddy Taco Mia after killing all the other participants and eating a lot of tacos. Now, Maggie will run the tacos store and you’ll help her.

How to play this game:

  • Click the order balloon above the customer’s head and it will be listed on the ticket.
  • Go to the barbecue area and put a pot of beef on the gas.
  • The kettle has a timer attached to it and when it reaches half, you will see a message saying “flip” on beef.
  • Click the spoon and push it to the forehead, and it’s about steak

>> Click Here To Play Papa’s Taco Mia <<

  • When the timer is finished with a semicircle, your beef is ready to be removed from the forehead
  • Just drag it on the taco.
  • Then click on Build Station and start filling your tacos.
  • Click on the loading boxes and drag them to the taco. Move the slider from left to right and vice versa so that the fill falls horizontally on the fillet of beef
  • When done, click Finish and drag and drop your ticket to the specified location in the field
  • Taco server to your customers and get incredible feedback

This is a very simple and interesting game that saves your tacos with different fillings such as cream, hot sauce, red beans, roasted green peppers, tarnished onions and tomatoes, fries and guacamole. As you accumulate more points and continue, you will be rewarded with extra padding items like chicken and white rice.

Keep in mind that as you move forward, you get more customers coming to your store. The trick to serving them early and as soon as possible is to keep two kettles and two bins on the gas. Continue to order and check the grill so that the meat does not burn. This way you can serve your customers faster and get more advice.