Papa’s Pancakeria

If you always fail to be safe and completely prepared to be tricked, now it’s your chance to try your hands on digital pancakes. Pope Pancake is a victim of death, who only sells pancakes. At the beginning of the game, you can choose between two tourists, cabinets, and grills.

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Cooper is a boy and Prudence is a girl. Suppose we have chosen caution for this particular game. She is on a disc with her dog pill when she discovers dad’s pizza and jumps out of her car to grab a pizza.

When she returns, she realizes that she is missing and places posters throughout the city. Then, when he receives a call from dad, he says that the dog is in Papa’s Pancakeria, and he wants me to look after Pancakeria until he comes back.

Prudence starts by serving her customers. Here’s how you can help her do the same by playing the game:

  • Click on Order and the caution will write it down on the ticket
  • Then click on the grill station
  • Pull and release the pancake over the gas. Repeat for multiple orders
  • Wait for the left timer to turn half orange and then click on the pancakes to turn them over.
  • When the left and right hours turn completely orange and green, drag and drop the pancakes onto the white plate at the bottom right of the screen

>> Click Here To Play Papa’s Pancakeria <<

  • Then click on the Build Station tab and start ordering your orders.
  • Drag and drop an order ticket in the upper right part of the screen
  • Arrange the pancakes and start decorating with fillings
  • When you pour the cranberry syrup or maple syrup, click on the pancakes (see target symbol and determine where you want the syrup to fall) and move your fingers to the right or to the left. In this way, the sauce will cover the entire surface of the pancakes and not just the medium.
  • After adding all the ingredients, and the order is ready to be served, drag it to the goal tray and place the ticket in the designated place on the tray.
  • Your customer will taste the food and evaluate it based on your order, rotisserie and construction skills.

This is a fun game that allows you to make different types of pancakes. When you earn more points and climb the ladder, join two refills such as whipped cream, blueberries, strawberries and so on. And also get French bread, waffles, etc. So keep playing and use your tips to improve the broadcaster or to buy different bundles from the store furniture.