Papa’s Freezeria

The game Papa’s Freezeria opens with you, that is, the player involved in a simple job of selling ice on the island of Calypso. But as the game progresses, the work is quite hectic. The more efficient the speed, the higher your score will be.

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Faithful customers of Papa Louie begin to arrive on the island and will have to work continuously to make their trip to the island happy. You will have to serve them with cooked ice cream, syrup, miscible elements and stuffing.

Playing the game

Each order would start with ice, the main ingredient in ice cream. Your job would choose the perfect cup size and then fill it with the required amount of ice. You will need an ice machine to complete this task.

The other two ingredients you need to add are a miscible product and syrup. Right after pouring the ice into the cup, you will see a Mixed Machine that descends. Use the machine to add the mixed item requested by the customer. Monitor the meter to make sure you add the mixable amount to the correct one. When this step is completed, a syrup will arrive. The method of using this machine is the same as the miscible machine.

>> Click Here To Play Papa’s Freezeria <<

As it progresses, more iskåbeformater, syrups, and mixes will be enclosed and customers will begin to place orders for nyoplåste objects. When you make a mistake, click on the “Trash” button and restart.

Once you have added all the necessary ingredients, go to Mix Station. Place the cup in the blender to mix the ingredients. The mixture must be at the customer’s request. While some want their ice cream to mix more, there will be customers who prefer a minimal mix.

Your next stop would be the topping station. To make Papa Louie’s customers happy, be sure to add the ingredients in the correct order. You only get a good score if you manage to add padding is evenly spread throughout sundae.

The Closer Customer

You will have to face an additional challenge from a “closer” customer. There are seven different clients nearby for seven days a week. These customers are extremely demanding. As a result, it is much harder to prepare an ice cream for them. The standards for this step are also much higher.