Papa’s Donuteria

As the name of the game suggests, in Papa’s Donuteria, you must prepare monks. Like all cooking and service games of this series, you must also work in different stations. The points obtained by the work done in each of these stations determine your score. Keep reading to get more information about the game and the seasons in which you have to work.

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The Dough Station:

 In Papa’s Donuteria, your character will automatically record orders made by customers. Just after receipt of the order, enter the Masa station. All your customers will indicate the kind of dough they want about their donuts. Select the mass after the order.

Drag the dough to the working slab and cut it according to your customers’ requests. For example, although some want the donut to be shaped like a traditional ring, many round donuts prefer (donuts without holes in the middle). You need different cutters to cut the dough in different ways; to prepare peace

>> Click Here To Play Papa’s Donuteria <<

Fry Station:

When you’re at Fry Station, your job is to fry donuts. Do not forget to return the donuts when the lower half is fully cooked. Slide the fried donuts into the tray and proceed to the next station.

The Built Station:

You must work in this complex to add special flavors to your donuts. First, you must place the frost on these flavors according to the wishes of the customers. There are a number of tempting ice cream possibilities to choose from. The process of adding glaze is easy; For example, if your customer ordered a chocolate chip donut, slide the fried donut into the chocolate isolation container.

The next step would be to add drips and toppings to donuts. Here the guests have a choice. The step is simple because you work according to the wishes of your clients. For example, if a customer has ordered strawberries, they should place the strawberry syrup jar on the donut.

The server donates to its clients as soon as they finish the work on the construction site and wait for points and advice.