Papa’s Cupcakeria

Players must have some features to get good results in Papa’s Cupcakeria. They must be safe and competent to make quick decisions even when they are under tremendous pressure and must have amazing multitasking features and incredible time-keeping capabilities.

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If you want to do well in this game, order, choose ice cream, bake muffins, decorate muffins and finally serve them as impeccably as possible. As you do, you will not only learn to make some of the coolest muffins you can make, but you will also develop money management and organizational skills.

Below we discussed Dad’s Cupcakeria muffin making process. Like Dad’s other cooking games, this game is also divided into a number of stations. Each station is designed to fill different jobs. Read on to find out more.

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The Order Station: Here’s your job to take orders from customers. You can take orders one by one or take them together and then start cooking; the decision is yours To process a customer order, click the “Check Order” button next to that person. This will generate a ticket order. This is the plan that you must follow when your order is completed.

The Batter Station: In this step, you are prompted to select one of the four muffin magazines available (at customer request) and take it to the cookie mixer area. Fill the tray with the cake mix with the mixing screw and proceed to the next station. Make sure the muffins are not over 50% filled; This is important because you have to leave enough space to raise the battery when boiling.

The Bake Station: At this station, bake the muffin by placing the tray in the oven. When the cookies are baked you will find an orange bar next to them. Wait until he reaches the white line; This would mean that your muffins are perfectly cooked.

The Build Station: Drag the muffins to this station to add fillings. Different customers may request different fillings and in different orders. The choice and order of brackets must always be exactly as desired by the customer. You lose points if you do not.

When you are ready to spread the fillets evenly over the muffins, serve them to the customers and wait for them to score points.