Papa’s Bakeria

Bakeria Papa is the best and largest restaurant in all Papa Louie restaurants. He opened this restaurant to celebrate his 10th birthday in this company, and the game that introduces us to the story of Bakeria Papa, which is 12 games is the chef’s restaurant series.

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Timm and Cecilia are the two predetermined workers in this game. You can certainly play with one of these standard workers, but you will also be allowed to create your own user. The standard uniform of these workers includes a white shirt, a red and black apron, black pants or a skirt, visors and a pair of black and white shoes with yellow laces.

Play the game to find out if you are good enough to drive a popular bakery alone. The work is difficult and therefore you get a good reward if you can do it perfectly.

Having belonged to one of the most famous chefs in the city, Papa’s Bakeria has an impressive amount of traffic, even from the most demanding customers. As a result, to have a good score in this game, choose the right dough, fill them with the ingredients exactly as the customer wishes and finally cook them perfectly.

>> Click Here To Play Papa’s Bakeria <<

This is the first game in the series to have a sticker. As you go through the game and perform different tasks, you will continue to earn stickers. There are a total of 90 attractive stickers to win.

The game allows you to lock up to 101 customers. Each customer in this group receives three specific stickers. When you finish winning all three stickers, the bound client will receive a fresh equipment.

Here are some more features that make this game incredibly exciting:

  • You want to master up to 40 new recipes
  • You can try to make your customers happy to serve them with pies prepared with combinations of exquisite and exclusive flavors
  • You have the opportunity to garnish your pie with fillings the countless possibilities
  • You will be able to lock up to 123 new menu items
  • You receive weekly payroll checks and regular reminders while continuing to complete the levels
  • There are seven mini-games that will earn you a lot of prizes
  • Last but not least, the game can be played online for free