Papa Louie

Papa Louie is a free game with Papa Louie, the greatest of all. Louie is at home and the owner of Papa’s Pizzeria.

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The story begins with Louie to distribute free pizza to all residents of their buildings. However, he soon discovered that the delicious pizzas he distributed turned into crazy mutant monsters. When Papa Louie discovered that the monsters began to trap people, he decided to fight the mutants and save all the captured residents.

To play the game, you will have to use the following controls:

  • To move Papa Louie left and right, you need to press the respective left and right arrow keys.
  • Press the arrow key to lift the pizza boxes
  • To use Louie’s Pizza Chopper, you must press the “Z” key
  • Press the space bar to let the cook skip
  • To slide Papa Louie, you must keep the spacebar pressed
  • If you want Papa Louie to use pepper bombs on their enemies, press the “X” key

The game will especially fascinate people who like to eat and cook. This is because the theme for the video game series Papa Louie is food. When you play you get over a lot of things, most are in our kitchen. Here are some of the things you’ll find.

>> Click Here To Play Papa Louie <<

Pizza bat:

The same pizza hat Papa Louie uses to make pizza uses it to digest mutant foods.

Chef hat:

The manager is a respected possession of Papa Louie. It is a special quality. In case of emergency, it helps the manager to cover and cover long distances.

Pepper bomb:

Pepper is a spice that is used to add flavor and taste to different foods. But in Papa Louie, the chef is seen with pepper for another purpose. This pepper has the role of a pomegranate that can kill mutated mutant products.

Mutant pizzas:

These are absolutely terrible pizza monsters. They try to steal Papa Lou and the captured residents and make a temporary break by keeping them some sticky cheese. Papa Louie can avoid getting stuck in cheese by turning fatal cheese into enemies. A mutant pizza becomes a regular pizza after it comes into contact with the deviant sticky cheese.