Papa Louie 4

Dance Papa Louie 4, Chef Papa Louie is secuestrado. You can choose from a list of clients who are looking forward to Papa Louie, who will be in charge of the league chef.

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History shows that Papa Louie’s customers are disappointed that the chef has not fulfilled his promise to serve them new things. Louie’s loyal customers, however, were almost certain that something was wrong and that the chef might be in danger. Soon, they discovered that Papa Louie had been kidnapped and that his kitchen was obsessed with mutant monsters.

After the chaos in Papa Louie’s restaurant, monsters came out and began to terrorize people in other parts of the city. Now it’s up to the customers to save the cook, they love him so much and they prevent the monsters from destroying the whole city.

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Papa Louie 4 is the fourth game in the Papa Louie series. Like the previous three games, you must also destroy mutant foods to get points. The situation is even worse in this game because here the monsters of monsters transform all the food they find in the father’s world.

As a player, you must help the clients in their quest to save the kidnapped leader; To do this you must solve puzzles and fight the monsters of the food. The more customers in your arsenal the greater your power.

It is obvious that Papa Louie will not be in the game this time. However, you will definitely be fascinated to find more new additions, including skills, weapons, characters, etc. Each client will be equipped with another weapon. Your job would be to use these weapons intelligently.

Mad monsters also have different ways to attack you. For example, when you approach the backing pattern, it will hurry and hurt you. Stay away from cakes because even less contact with their creams can harm it seriously.

Another dangerous mutant where you have to fight in this game is the jelly monster. Avoid this food sample as it may cause you to trap you and cause serious harm to your health. But he also has an advantage. You can use the jelly monster as a spring to jump high.