Papa Louie 3

When Sundaes Attack is the third game in the Papa Louie adventure series, this incredibly exciting game is full of challenging challenges, amazing graphics and a series of achievements that will drive everyone crazy with great satisfaction.

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The game shows Papa Louie and his customers in great distress after being attacked by a wild sweet sauce and hard candy; His goal would be to save the chef and his customers from cruel desserts.

The main antagonist of history is Radley Madish. First, we learned about his existence in Papa Louie 2. When the civil attack he returned to ruin Louie’s business himself in Papa Louie 3.

When you play Papa Louie 3, you can use all the clients you save as a sign of adventure to the next levels. All registered customers are equipped with a weapon.

>> Click Here To Play Papa Louie 3 <<

Now, let’s highlight the main menu of Papa Louie 3. The options that you will find when you click on the button in the main menu of the game are the following:

Area info: Click on the information of the area and you will be taken to a page with detailed information about the level of the game found in Show facts include the number of clients that can be saved, your total score used in this level, the number of distortion keys that you have collected, the amount of gold coins you have received, etc. successively.

Badges: a click on the Badges button takes you to a panel where all your performances are attracted. This will tell you what brands you have closed and what must be done to obtain them. The game has a total of 48 badges, some of which are extremely difficult to achieve, while there are some that can be achieved relatively easily.

Baddies: click on this button to discover what kind of evil you have experienced so far. The page will also tell you how many bad guys you have shot in each category.

Controls: You will need to visit this panel if you are looking to change any default key control to a control of your choice.

Help: click on the Help button every time you look at all the tips you received while playing previous levels of the game.