Papa Louie 2

When the Attack Barkers is the second game in the Papa Louie series. As in the first games of this series, it’s also a Papa Louie. For those who do not know, Louie is at home and the owner of the pizzeria.

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Here goes the story of Papa Louise 2:

Visitors to Papa Louie’s pizzeria face serious problems with enemy bosses trying to ruin their businesses. However, Papa Louie is not ready to happen. He tries to do everything possible to convince all his clients, even in all the chaos. When the game continues, you will see the new start story.

Two new designs called Rita and Marty are presented in the game style, and both work in Louie. You can choose to play with one of them.

It was the retail store in the store, Rita and Marty served hamburgers for free consumption. They were all fine until a secret man came to the store where he had planted it there. This fast step for humans has created a narrow blow and started attracting customers. On the other hand, the diet began to be intimidated by aggression.

Rita and Marty are really here to restore consumers and stop the violence, but they will need your help to do so. You should help each of them jump on the wind and fight against food security.

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Papa Louie 2 features a number of obnoxious food monsters; the most ferocious ones among them are:

Mutant burgers:

When you play, you will see beautiful sumptuous burgers circulating on the screen. These hamburgers may seem delicious, but in reality, they are extremely dangerous. Overcoming hamburgers are not easy. He will go through several teams to put them at rest. Do not forget to hit them several times with their weapons.

Mutant vegetables:

You will also find many vegetables that move around the world of mutant foods. These vegetables are not very friendly in nature. Then avoid them or hit them with your weapons. In other words, you must rip the mutant vegetables before killing yourself.

The characters in the game make Papa Louie 2 a very exciting and fun game. The game becomes more difficult as you progress through its different phases.